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The Spirit [Poetry]

The Spirit

Is a cloud

Which blows my mind.

The Spirit

Is dust

Which creates new life.

The Spirit

Is Nothing but Everything.

There is Something

Magical beyond us

Which has the power to

Unite our souls.

Everywhere I hear the sweet song of

Joy and Friendship

Of  YOU and ME,


[ … ] – Open End –

copyright 1997-2013

* written by #NCRDBLs “Nanou Cousto”


  1. * Nicky Francis And THE QUILL “Luna Di Luna”
  2. * Dan Bell @ BINKO SWINK “Take The Pop”
  3. * Lyla Foy @ WALL  “No Secrets”
  4. *”Big  John” John Herbert @ GOLDHEART ASSEMBLY “Oh Really”
  5. * Cedric Bixler-Zavala @ THE MARS VOLTA “NocTOURniquet”
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La Lune [Poème]

Le ciel est bleu lumineux

Et la lumière de la lune brille.

Je regarde à la lune –

Jpense à toi… – et

J‘espère que tu vois

La même lune à ce moment.

Cette eclaire lune,

Cette lune qui brille

Me fait triste et heureuse tout à la fois.

Jai l’espérance de t’embrasser

Quelque jour…

Mais quand reviendrais-tu?


Au RE-voir!

Mon coeur est avec toi.

[ … ] – Open End –

copyright 1996-2013

* written by #NCRDBLs “Nanou Cousto”

Playlist MUSIC

  1. * Nicky Francis And THE QUILL “Luna Di Luna”
  2. * THE RESCUES “My Heart With You”
  3. * OLDWICK  “Hold Me”
  4. * GOLDHEART ASSEMBLY “Engraver’s Daughter”
  5. * Cedric Bixler-Zavala @ THE MARS VOLTA “Vedamalady”
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Sinful Sensuality [Poetry]

Pack pants, fresh underpants!
Dedicated to my beloved Busy Bee
But beware, it’s a bit more intimate than just holding hands.

The Night we met some years ago
I knew at once that you’re the only one for me
Just some days I wish that you’d not become such a Busy Bee
Well, we gotta take time but what I had on my mind at first sight
You’ve always been wondering all the years, right?
Today I will tell you so…

Mmmh! What a handsome young man, hello!
AH! What a gorgeous smile and these sparks in his eyes.
Oooh! He still looks at me. PRETTY FACE, don’t go!
Woha! He makes me quiet feel but can’t tell him, this wouldn’t be wise
At least not at our very first night,
But I will keep all this on my mind.

Take me home
And lay me down
It is time for your crown jewels to be shown
I’LL BE WAITING here for you, all alone.

Mmmh! You look so pretty by my side.
C’mon, sexy beast, catch me up for a ride!
Oh, man! And your sinful sensuality
Gives me the hots and goosebumps, HONEY BEE!

Man? Are you already getting wet?
That’s how: “The cream felt when getting the cat!”

Gosh! The people already stare at us, we have to say good-bye.
A trip with you to the  SEA OF LOVE – how could I deny?

[ … ] – Open End –

copyright 2013

* written by #NCRDBLs “Nanou Cousto”


Playlist MUSIC

  1. * Linnea Olsson “Ah!”
  2. * Soley “Pretty Face”
  3. * Terra Naomi “I’ll Be Waiting”
  4. * Gloria Gaynor “Honey Bee”
  5. * Binko Swink “Sea Of Love”
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Busy Bee [Poetry]

Today in the park sat down with me
A beautiful bright yellow, coal black striped little bee
Up and down, up and down
The bee was on my papers around
Followed me writings line

Busy, busy we are all the time!

Been thinking of you…
Are you still mine?
Am I still yours?
Is our Love true?
Oh, I always see both sides open doors!
From a distance “can you feel my heartbeat”?
“Oooooh, sexy boy” when will we have our personal Meet & Greet?

Busy, busy we are all the time!

“I feel your words in my button holes” & under my skin.
Adore your sexy neck and so much more “I want to kiss that gorgeous grin”.

How long until you will come… “come on and sting me”?
Meanwhile I will be sitting in the park with that real little bee.

Are we meant for each other or not?

Busy bee
And me
Both part of our own true blue love story.

Busy, busy we are all the time!
When will I be yours? And when will you be mine?

[ … ] – Open End –

copyright 2013

* written by #NCRDBLs “Nanou Cousto”

Playlist MUSIC

  1. * Nneka “Heartbeat”
  2. * AIR “Sexy Boy”
  3. * Lisa Hannigan “Ocean And Rock”
  4. * Wallis Bird “When We Kissed, The World Fell In Love”
  5. * Gloria Gaynor “Honey Bee”
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P for… People who interest THE INCREDIBLE N*™

P for… People who interest THE INCREDIBLE N*™




<<… because
the only people for me


are the mad ones,
the ones who are
mad to live,
mad to talk,
mad to be saved,


of everything


at the same time,
the ones who
never yawn
or say a commonplace thing,
but burn, burn, burn like
fabulous yellow roman candles
exploding like spiders across the stars
and in the middle you see the BLUE centerlight pop


and everybody goes ‘Awww!’ … >>
– Jack KEROUAC, On The Road, Part One 1 –
Have a magical week-end, y’all!


Speak soon. STAY TUNED!
N* xo xo
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In Concert
By The Doors
Release date: 1991-05-21
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P for… Poetry, Pictures, People and PREVIEW!

Dear readers,

Hope y’all spent a lovely week-end and had a god start into a new week, one week closer to the summer. By the way, do you have already gotten your summer styles together? Have you any fancy new styles given a try yet? No? Okay the weather is just almost summer-like at the moment but the real big summer is just lurking around the corner. You better be prepared for the big sunshine break-out in due time with fancy new styles. Go ahead and try something just for The Thrill of Novelty. You will feel more summer like, unbelievable summer like. WE DO!

What’s on? Let’s take a dive into Poetry, Pictures, People and PREVIEW!

DARE TO THE DIVE! Are you ready? Are you sure? If so, here we go:

POETRY, isn’t it a lovely word?! WE LOVE POETRY! Well, as mentioned earlier, Music is our inspiration. We are more influenced by sound than by vision and we are communicators flesh and bones. But when it comes to our own arty personality we actually prefer to express ourselves best with words, with writings. Besides the classical rhymes of poetry and sonnets, we are totally in love with HAIKU and RENGA poetry and as well with the performing arts of Poetry Slam, creating our own new buzz style so far called:

CONTEMPORARY ROCKING POETRY (CRP) where words appear in a special arrangement and rhyme scheme that comes along like a smashing rock song you cannot stop to listen whiles once started to play and even you did the lyrics go straight up your head and will remain on your mind. Just extremely good over floating word vibes! Are you curious about CRP?

Examples of our work will be published in the near future. Quiet not sure whether we publish via Print and Audio or just Audio, but anyhow: The suspense should be killing you! Of course our so called Incredible Inner Circle has already grasped a taste of our latest works and some pieces of work are dedicated to some very special members of The Incredible Inner Circle but our Poems are still in progress and at the moment not ready to be published. We kindly ask the Public People for a little bit of Patience for the Poetry.

How long does it take? How long does it take to write a Poem? Lame question! As long as it takes, as long as it takes, as long as it takes to produce a piece of Finest Arts. This circumstance never changes, there is always an undefined dependence between Time and the Finest Arts. Always has been, always is and always will be!

PICTURES means for us in general any visual thing you find in Graphic Designs and Paintings as well as in Film & Photography influence us as well even though the sound influence is bigger. Round about 120,000 visual attractions irritate a Western European per day. Who says he/she is not influenced in any way is a liar. So beneath our concentration on SYMs (Selected Young Musician) and SYDs (Selected Young Designer in the fields of Fashion, Shoes & Accessories plus Graphic Designs) we spot as well SYPs (Selected Young Photographer/Painter) and SYFs (Selected Young Film-Maker/-Producer/…). Kindly note that ALL AREAS are operating with closed doors at the moment in the categories of BANDspotting, BRANDspotting, SITEspotting will continue and be back soonest plus new categories such as ARTISTspotting will complete the showcase. Happy entertainment!

PEOPLE… Last but not least we want to talk about PEOPLE. We have met a lot of people over the years. We have made so many new contacts over the last months. Some became friends and other contacts were deleted due to several causes. Nevertheless we are happy to get to know EVERYBODY. Humans are such great creatures, they are so different in so many ways inside and outside and so equal in another way inside and outside. WE LOVE DISCOVERING THE HUMAN DIVERSITY! Therefore it is our Mission to BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER. People from different backgrounds but with the same Causes and Beliefs in Change, people that live THE INCREDIBLE N*ew.

PREVIEW… WE DO BELIEVE IN CHANGE, ALWAYS! This means that our plans are changing as well, but in business Planners take the leadership and call it re-scheduled plan. It means not the plans were changing our mission but we were changing the plans into our mission. However, so we re-scheduled our plans several times but we are making big steps forward anyways. All we can announce at the moment is that we are actually working on building up and strengthen THE INCREDIBLE N* Crew in the fields such as MUSIC, FASHION, FILM and PHOTOGRAPHY. More will be coming up in due time.

We want to share our “Incredible Favourite Song Of The Day” with you:


Speak soon. STAY TUNED!

N* xo xo

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The Satanic Satanist
By Portugal The Man
Release date: 2009-07-21
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M for … MUSEiiic, Millennium, MEDIA, More!

M for … MUSEiiic, Millennium, MEDIA, More!
G’ day readers,
Hope y’all spent a lovely BELTAINE week-end and you have celebrated welcoming the summer with arms wide open.
So herewith our official greetings to all of you:
Lá Fheile BEALTAINE sona dhuit. Happy BELTAINE! Joyeux BEALTAINE!
We want to start this week with a dive into Music, Millennium, Media and More!
DARE TO THE DIVE! Are you ready? Are you sure? If so, here we go:
MUSEiiic… Music is our inspiration. We are more influenced by sound than by vision. This is why we often write it MUSEiiic just in order to point out its deeper meaning because Music comes from MUSE like being aMUSEd. That’s The Reason Why. No more, no less.
Maybe you remember that ABBA once sung “Who can live without it?” Tricky question, eh? Well, mankind can’t live without Water but can live without Music. Probably but we feel totally incomplete without some sound around. MUSEiiic makes my day!
Music is the salt in our soup. Without Music life tastes like nothing to us. What about you? Ever thought about?
The 1st decade of the Millennium we spent most of our time here on Myspace exploring new music. We found several highly-talented musicians from different genres who had all a greater influence on us than they could ever imagine. The diversity and variety in this Music Treasure Box called Myspace inspires us day by day. Travelling without Moving in another dimension. Great! Unfortunately it was exactly this variety who tempted us to add almost everyone and everything that sounds a bit THE INCREDIBLE N*ew. Now in the first spring time of the 2nd decade of the Millennium it was more than time for a big clean-up, our very first space lifting. Yes, guilty. We invented Space Lifting! It means that we deleted over 50 elder contacts in order to lift space for 50 new contacts. For those who are new in our circle: A warm welcome to all of you! To all who are out now: Sorry folks, we have not found a deeper connection with you/your tunes/your styles at the moment. For this season your music is just not our cup of tea. But feel free to apply for a reconnection next season around end of August and don’t miss to add RECONNECTION accompanied by a few nice words along with your friend’s request. Spam Attacks will be deleted without comment. In order to concentrate on our SYMs (Selected Young Musicians) we operate with closed doors. BANDspotting will continue and be back soonest with savage tunes.
Last but not least we want to talk about MEDIA. We have been wandering through the lush Media Landscape for ages, assimilating well known Media Channels as well as being involved in the process of creating New Media platforms describes one side of us best. Media was our first love and it will be our last. We are communicators flesh and bones. We understand the lush variety of Multi Media not just as another option to communicate we understand it as a development of human communications. Therefore it is our mission to keep ourselves up-to-date and inform you from time to time about the latest news of THE INCREDIBLE N*ew Media via SITEspotting.
One treasure found in the 1st decade of the millennium is definitely SoundCloud. We fly SoundCloud. Not just another music site it is such a great tool in order to spread the word about audio data whiles embedding it directly into sites such as WordPress, Facebook, amongst other popular sites. Drop Box is another great invention. Watch out our Facebook Page and feel free to drop us a song.
And as some flights are cancelled for today due to another Volcano Black Lava Cloud from Iceland we feel like sharing this song with you one more time: “The Icelandic Volcano No Flight (At All) Blues” by Alex from SoundCloud.
MORE… And more and more about THE INCREDIBLE N* coming up soon.
Speak soon. STAY TUNED!
N* xo xo
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By Nicky Francis
Release date: 2009-10-29
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Moda Sergio Alcalá – “Killer Fashion”

Para los que no saben esta nominado como Mejor Diseñador de México en

For those of you who did not know that Sergio is nominated as Best Designer of Mexico in

sección los “los 10”

Y los que si saben y han estado votando les agradezco un chingo el apoyo!!!
And those of you who already knew and have already voted yet, go and vote once more and more!!!

La votación termina el 30 de abril, sigan votando!!!

The voting will end on 30th of April 2010.


that’s what THE INCREDIBLE N*™ stands for.

SERGIO is more than just worth it to vote for. He’s a fckn legend for “Killer Fashion”! One of the most innovative young designers of contemporary Mexican Fashion Scene influenced by digital photography, collage, installations, performances and videos, as well as his work with fabrics and unique manufacturing techniques that mix native roots with “urban kitsch” have set him already the way to a Mexican Fashion Icon at the bloody young age of his early twenties.

An extented profile of SERGIO ALCALÁ and blog entry about this outstanding Fashion revoluzzer will follow in our blog soonest.

Now you go, KEEP VOTING! You do not have to leave an eMail address nor register. It is quiet simple: ALL YOU GOT TO DO IS CLICK THE BUTTON “VOTAR” AND TYPE DOWN THE CAPTCHA! Just takes around 5 seconds. C’mon!!!



Speak soon. STAY TUNED! N* xo xo

THE INCREDIBLE N*™  highly recommends

Moda Sergio Alcalá – “Killer Fashion”


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Wolves & Thieves
By Goldheart Assembly
Release date: 2010-03-23
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L for… Life, Love, Lava, LOADS!

L for…L ife,
L ove,
L ava,
Cheerio to y’all!
It’s been a while…
well, honestly a long long while
or in other words last decade of the millennium that’s almost Light Years ago,
from the time I have blogged the last time for THE INCREDIBLE N*™.


But anyways here we are BACK HOME here on WordPress and of course myspace – our official home-base.

As it has been so long now and LOADS of Incredible Things have happened to us.
I really  do not have a clue where I should start today…
What happened in our LIFE
SCARLET  FEVER. Done. Survived!
“LIGHT” PNEUNOMIA. Done. Survived!
ACOUNTS HACKED. Defended. Survived!
STUPID QUESTIONS. Answered. Survived!
CATCHING  A  LITTLE TAN. Done. In progress!
CONCLUSION: Life is unpredictable.
Our LOVE for the project is stronger than ever. WE DO BELIEVE IN CHANGE. And hope so do you…
L for LAVA. We are really touched by the striking back of nature. To those of you who are not so much up-to-date with politics, there was a Climate Conference in CPH last December where the Nations did not really come to an conclusion how to save our planet earth. Now reflect what has happened since then. Europe has been into a strong winter full of snow, blizzards and other curious things. California has had a little earthquake of 7.2 in the epicentre. Not to forget what happened in Haiti amongst a few other nature violence outbreaks in Brasil and last but not least Iceland.  A volcano stopped the whole flight traffic over Europe for days and weather forecast out predicted not  any change of circumstances… In the end it all follows just one rule:  Nature strikes back, always! Nature might not have a voice in the Climate Conference or each States Politics but Nature is the greatest power we have here on Earth.
In a situation like this at first sight it seems so ridiculous that just a Black Lava Cloud from almost for gotten Iceland could bring the whole flight traffic over Europe to a standstill but that’s Nature’s power. Nature is showing us how small mankind is even though we think that our self-invented technology tools might overcome every crisis. We cannot fly. Aero planes are unnatural. Nature might not have a voice in the Climate Conference but it has its choice. And we do not have a choice we got to deal with the situation like it is.
To all of you who were stuck on airports or wherever. This could be your song a piece of CONTEMPORARY REAL TIME MUSIC by Alex from  SoundCloud.
CONCLUSION: Life is unpredictable.
Take it as it comes. It offers you LOADS. :)Speak soon. STAY TUNED!

N* xo xo
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Emergency on Planet Earth
By Jamiroquai
Release date: 1993-08-10
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ARTISTspotting UK LDN: ELEANOR SEABIRD my very first portrait

ARTISTspotting: This is a brand new category I created called ARTISTspotting. I felt creating it for all those Artists who are active in more than just one field of Finest Arts, means not “just” MUSEiiiC but as well FASHION & SHOES, FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY, PAINTINGS, DANCING, WRITINGS, POETRY,… and so on.

Today I want to start this category with the amazing ELEANOR SEABIRD. She is not “just” a girl way cool and an active singer/songwriter besides her love for sweet MUSEiiiC, you can find creative works of her as well in those fields of Finest Arts:

  • writings on WordPress (she keeps an eye open for all kind of edgy topics – very entertaining blog),
  • a director of short films (actually YouTube channel ELEAVISION called ELEANOR GOES),
  • a FASHIONista (works together on costumes and art with the wonderful BLONDINE BARDEAU, in general I would say that Eleanor has a great talent in extra-ordinary styling and is hooked up for all fashion on the cutting-edge, a real FASHIONista),
  • a thinking man’s sex symbol” (or “a thinking man’s Lolita” she titled herself),
  • an Ambassador of Old Telephones (she feels responsible to save old telephones),
  • to be continued… there are LOADS of things more about her. ELEANOR has a great creative source. You better watch out and STAY TUNED!

WHERE DO CREATIVE SOULS – LIKE WE ARE – DO ACTUALLY MEET EACH OTHER? Oh, that’s a rough question… Well, I can hardly remember on which date I actually first met ELEANOR SEABIRD but I remember it was this year on the internet (how classy), the sun was shining (inside my kitchen window) and even though later it started to rain (of course when I had to go by bike) her music brightened up my whole day like a beautiful supernova whilest having her catchy, very refreshing, edgy tunes up on my mind.

That was one of those days that MUSEiiiC makes your day… one of those days you knew at first sight that you have found a treasure in your music box! No, I am not a treasure-hunter, not at all, it is more that I found treasures by incident but of course you have to keep an eye open to find a treasure. For those who are interested in: “How To Search Things” I highly recommend watching Pippi Longstocking that girl is way cool and she knows how to find great treasures. I would call her the “Master of Treasure-Finding” .

So among all the seashells around, this day I found a treasure, a pearlELEANOR SEABIRD… she is called. The Reason Why I entitled her “a newborn Duchess of MUSEiiiC” at 1st sight is quiet easy. Because her tunes mean a lot to me, hooked me up at once and she is herself a royal appearance, I would say. Her catchy, very refreshing, edgy tunes transport so much “joie de vivre” (joy of life for the non-French speakers) that made my day. THIS IS IT!

To me ELEANOR SEABIRD is an artistic appearance, a work of art itself. Absolutely authentic, with loads of charisma and bearing with such pride that HEAVY CROSS all Trendsetters have to bear (It’s such a shame, I know myself so well.). ELEANOR is a pioneer who is to me marking a New Age of Finest Arts. The general impression of her might be “Contemporary Art with a quirky influence” but I dislike comparing things to each other. So, I would call it quiet simply: THE INCREDIBLE N*EW and YES, unsurprisingly, me I am keen on incredible things. (How comes, how comes…)

ELEANOR SEABIRD: A question of taste! That’s what she is, for sure. But that’s the way it goes with all kind of Finest Arts, isn’t it? Love it or hate it, there is nothing in between. For all those brave hearts far away from the mainstream who DARE TO THE DIVE into THE INCREDIBLE N*EW things: click the links below and give her tunes a listen, read her WordPress blog, watch ELEAVISION on Youtube, stay tuned for more. ELEANOR SEABIRD IS SO WORTH IT! Trust me and try it out for THE THRILL OF NOVELTY. Are you ready? Are you sure? If so click below. Here we go:

One very last thing to be stroke out is her very first EP launch which took place on 1st of December 2009 in the wicked pub called LIBRARY in London. For the very brave hearts among you around LDN town, she is playing live shows. But be warned her live shows are nothing for self-titled ordinary people… for those who attend: get on a fancy dress and your dancing shoes. That’s way cool! Everybody is welcome.

ELEANOR SEABIRD and THE INCREDIBLE N* – we both live a LiFe LeSs OrDiNaRy every single day of our lives and YES, we are proud of it. Always on the cutting edge that’s our passion! Watch out her myspace – for more gigs coming up pretty soon, but definitely before June. ;)


Speak soon. STAY TUNED! N* xo xo

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