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THE INCREDIBLE N*™ awakeness

JuSt CoLoUrFuL – maybe because some grew up with 5 seasons.
Livin’ a LiFe LeSs OrDiNaRy every single day of my life. Yep, that’s me, so me.

Was ready 4 a new challenge and wanted to start something that is the INCREDIBLE N*ew, so I founded THE INCREDIBLE N* as my own personal project on the wicked night of Halloween on 31st of October in 2007. And guess what? Loving THE INCREDIBLE N* day by day a little bit more.

Actually (2008-2009) workin’ on ‘BANDspotting’ (MUSEiiic) – spreadin’ finest tunes all over the world via myspace. That means in general supporting ‘Selected Young Musicians ‘ (SYM) by giving them a helping hand on their path towards their walk of fame e.g. spreadin’ their tunes to the media, consulting for European Tour planning, collaboration with other artists all over the field of Finest Arts …
Kindly note that I have my own Top40 To-be-spotted-List that changes by my watch and not by day, week, month, season or year. Okay, it may change on one of those occasions of course but it is not mentioned to follow these circumstances. Already made my mind for spotted Artists until March 2010, that means that BANDspotting entries until March 2010 are already closed. But watch out and stay tuned. I am always up for something THE INCREDIBLE N*ew and may give away some WILDCARD for BANDspotting in due time 2010.

The source of my vision started with ‘BRANDspotting’ (Fashion & Shoes) of ‘Selected Young Designers’ (SYD) from 2003 until 2007 working with Fashion and Shoe Designers around the world in the fields of PR, Advertising, Styling, Fashion Shows, Floor Presentations, Fairground Conception,… did LOADS of incredible things and met amazing people. Working experience e.g. for those fantastic BRANDS:
Sergio Alcala (Mexico City)
Malafacha Brand (Mexico City)
Meghan by Meghan Fabulous (LA/USA)

Watch out myspace for updates. Not enough? Read my blog here on WordPress or on myspace either. Subscribe if you wanna, leave a comment, give Kudos,… don’t be just another lurking voyeur, be an active part of the online community, be a part of my story and your story. That could be really great.
Thank you for stopping by and reading my very first blog here up to this very last word.

Not enough? More +++ THE INCREDIBLE N*EWS +++ coming up pretty soon. The suspense should be killing you.

Speak soon. STAY TUNED!

N* xo xo



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