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SITEspotting MusicTool: SoundCloud from Sthlm to Berlin

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R U up for a bit more SITEspotting insights? As spotted yesterday: SoundCloud – I am loving it! I deeply admire The Crew from SoundCloud for plucking up courage and moving from Stockholm, Sweden to Berlin, Germany and starting over there their own business with the mission to create the best dedicated music site in the world – with success and honours, I would say. GREAT WORK!  Curious about to get to know more? Here we go:

SoundCloud – We Move Music ! The mission of SoundCloud is to let you move music fast & easy. The platform takes the daily hassle out of receiving, sending & distributing music for artists, record labels & other music professionals. Doesn’t it sound AWESOME?! Lets have a look around on the amazing site of SoundCloud all together:

+++WATCH HERE+++ The SoundCloud animated Tour on Vimeo!

PRIVATESHARING it’s up to you – you control what is private! Not all tracks need to be shared with the entire world. That’s why SoundCloud put flexible private sharing in the spotlight. Share your tracks via private links, contact lists or plain good old eMail. Get files out of the way so that your music can take center stage in front of the people you choose.

TRACK STORAGE – minutes of CloudTape: At what BPG (Beats Per Gigabyte) is your new track? We have no clue either. That’s why Beats Per Minute is handy. That’s also why we’ve brought back Minutes, the original metric of music, as the way we measure your uploads. Initially you get a huge 120 min tape and if you need more we’re ready waiting with more minutes of tape lined up. Further topics to know:

  • We ♥ HD
  • Erase & Rewind 
  • Need Extra Tape?

Stats-O-Rama: The Who, Where & What ! What’s actually happening to your music right now? Who downloaded what? Where are your most loyal listeners? What sites bring in new fans? Keeping up to what’s happening across the web used to be a challenge. Now, the new SoundCloud stats gives you the metrics you need to get in the know.

And last but not least: edgy WIDGETS ! What Kind of Artist Are You? Music comes in many flavours. And so should the widget that represents it. We have 3 widget formats and each one is customizable to make it show the most of what’s important, you. Compare the layout of this edgy Widgets so far for: The Minimalist vs. The Expressionist vs. The Modernist

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Hope you like the mission SoundCloud – We Move Music ! as much I do,

enjoyed reading and exploring this ACE MUSIC SITE. :]

Speak soon. STAY TUNED!

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