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Record LABELspotting UK LNDN: iffy records – iffier than the iffiest if

+++ Record LABELspotting UK London:

iffy records – iffier than the iffiest if +++

Flashback: The fabulous Nicky Francis with his amazing BAND THE QUILL mentioned earlier this week is himself happily signed in Lundun town by a record label that I think is so worth to be spotted, right here and right now:

If there are ordinary Record Labels on earth this is absofcknlutely NOT a normal Record Label. WATCH THIS:

WAY COOL SONG AND VID, isn’t  it!?! The people of iffy Records are actually training to talk with a stronger way more sexy Irish accent, eventhough they are not Irish, definitely not.

You know The Reason Why? I mean THE REAL ONE… Maybe you have heard about that: The Irish accent was announced to be the most sexiest accent among all English accents worldwide. So that might seam to you WHY they are doing that. But WAY NO! They were already talking in an Irish accent BEFORE that announcement took place and when the ‘mob of mainstream’ people thought: “Paddy go home!”.

I myself know very well: “It it always SUCH a HEAVY CROSS to be TRENDsetting!” ;P

For all those people who are NOT AFRAID of  The Thrill of Novelty – FOR you Trendsetter Bravehearts plz stay. Go and check the iffy out:

iffy Records – iffier than the iffiest if

For all those other people who are AFRAID of The Thrill of Novelty – I fear, I cannot do anything for you.

You better stop reading my blog!

Speak soon. STAY TUNED!

N* xo xo



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