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BANDspotting UK: GERMAN TOUR Luke Leighfield with Band

+++ BANDspotting UK: GERMAN TOUR LUKE LEIGHFIELD with Band gracing good old GERMANY with their appearance for the second time this year on an Autumn Tour in November of 2009 +++

When I told people that I am going to write a review about a concert they pout and say: “Oh no, please not another boring concert review report!”. And when I was going to tell them that this review is about the LUKE LEIGHFIELD with Band German Autumn Tour 2009 most people gave a frown about it. WHY? I suspect the thing with Luke LEIGHFIELD’s pop tunes is that they are a like one of those homemade fruit punches that make you feel a bit tipsy but not drunken at once. Feeling tipsy makes most people feel unsure, they are afraid of loosing control which is way different to drunken people who have already loosen their control and give a damn on it. Further the additive ‘homemade’ holds some people back of trying something extra-ordinary. C’mon guys, don’t be too shy of new things! That’s the Thrill of Novelty you definitely miss a thing if you do not give it any chance for a try-out. Anyways, me, I am not afraid of feeling a bit tipsy, always up for something INCREDIBLE N*EW and dare to the dive of going on to write that review down – right now:

Luke LEIGHFIELD and his Band look back on ten days touring through Germany from West to East to North to West with loads of positive memories on their minds. It was a great pleasure for me to hear that Luke said: “I love Germany. After those ten days I am already feeling German on my mind.”  Getting into the German way of doing a gig means to him i.e. free drinks and awesome people. It’s great to hear that as well. What more do you need for a good gig than some booze and a party crowd?! Ah right, BEER, that’s way of German lifestyle. Unsurprisingly to me, their tour was pretty beery. Good vibes!

Another amazing thing is that Luke and his band had mainly never met each other before the tour starts. Aaron KELLY on bass had only spent about eight hours learning the songs and they had never played all together before but the kick-off show down at Solingen in county NRW in a club called GETAWAY was one of the most rocking shows they had ever played. This tour in general stood under the sign of “Just being rocky!” and playing more of the rocky songs where rough tough bass lines of Aaron KELLY come along with cool stunning drumbeats of Tom MAYO catching up Luke LEIGHFIELD’s very expressive piano keystrokes and his over floating smooth voice. The wonderful Francesca HILL documented the whole tour by taking pictures and doing little films of each show while fabulous Kai ‘Kaipod’ AHMED was selling merchandising stuff or later driving the mob with the tour bus to the next venue with or without sat navigation but always with his sense of orientation and logic. Entertainment at its best! Each of them played its own role in that part of the “wheel of happy gigging” perfectly and so they were all getting along fine on these ten days.

What was going on during the German Tour?

Suffer: Luke was almost loosing his voice but saved it. Brave man! // Happy times: getting loads of amazing food e.g. Nutella on warm toast for breakfast was new to him. // Language: He was still surprised that we say Ines like penis, but without the ‘p’. And still claims that this is obviously hilarious to spell it like that. ZUGABE (one more song) was new to him as well but found its way straight down in his “German stage vocabulary” among DANKE and other main expressions at once. // Money: the amounts donated at the shows by the audience were not heaps and heaps of money but was okay and way much better than in Britain. Germans are way more generous than British? THAT’s something new to me, man! But good to know. //

DESTINATIONS chronological +++SOLINGEN+++ Just great kick-off. One of the most rocking shows ever played. // +++MUNSTER+++ A great historical place! Happy times! // +++FRANKFURT+++ Finding out that VERY scary people not allowed back in Britain live in that part of the county in Germany. // +++BERLIN+++ Bringing the tour to a close as an experienced man who bought the worst and driest lunch ever from a service station for 7€. //+++BREMEN+++ Happy times with happy people. It’s a small world! All were having a great laugh while meeting a bunch of Brummies (‘BIRMINGHAMians’)… whatever that means. // +++HAMBURG+++ Astrastube is the smallest venue he has ever been to. The venue’s own personal flat made for bands was kind of super luxury for him with Wifi and everything. “Klein aber oho!” (Good things come in small packages!) A drink like rhubarb lemonade was new to him. As well as that a pizzeria is a place where you can get your pizzas custom made for you. (Thank God we have Italian immigrants in Germany who make food way much better serving fresh homemade food in their Pizzeria or Gelateria.) // +++MUNSTER+++ The West is the Best! Kaipod’s 21st birthday – finding out that Erotic World is a huge sex shop – grabbing some stuff on November Sales in a Skate Shop, not be confused with the Sex Shop. ;P // +++WU’TAL+++ Back (home) in beautiful county of North-Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Nice smooth last gig of the tour in an original 70s equipped club called BEATZ & KEKSE. Due to the fact that it is really a small venue, the band was paid-off for that very last night and went on chilling in that laid back atmosphere while ‘The Master’ was on performance. RHEINISCHE GEMUETLICHKEIT (cosiness or better say ‘at one’s leisure’) was picked up by the band as if they were real native Rhinish people. Credits to the band! Meanwhile ‘Master Luke’ languished to bring it all down to a very rocky end on his own and put on his mid-class rock-face for this very last gig of German tour. He played the piano with a strong keystroke like a sexy wild beast inspired by Austin Powers. It was a pretty nice and very intimate concert. Merchandising selling went pretty good as well.

All over all everybody was more than just happy for AMAZING TEN DAYS IN GERMANY. Luke summed up:”Germany is so worth it to come for a tour!” Yes man and you are so worth it to play in our clubs. Hope to welcome LUKE LEIGHFIELD in Germany one more time, pretty soon…GERMAN TOUR to be continued…

Meanwhile STAY TUNED – the Madness continues on a UK tour already started this week. If you are down on British roads, you better watch out for LUKE LEIGHFIELD the Pop-Troubadour with his self-appointed “semi-skilled mid-class-rocking-rock-face” touring the UK right now and the whole December.

Happy trails to the Pop Troubadour and his Rocking Retinue!

For further interest in LUKE LEIGHFIELD check out:

Give his tunes a listen and DOWNLOAD his album for free these days on BandCamp:

“Our” Nanou  –  2nd member of THE INCREDIBLE N* – took a few cool snapshots

during the very last gig of Luke Leighfield’s German Tour at BEATZ und KEKSE down in Wu’tal/NRW.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading my quiet long blog here up to this very last word.

Speak soon. STAY TUNED!

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