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ARTISTspotting UK LDN: ELEANOR SEABIRD my very first portrait

ARTISTspotting: This is a brand new category I created called ARTISTspotting. I felt creating it for all those Artists who are active in more than just one field of Finest Arts, means not “just” MUSEiiiC but as well FASHION & SHOES, FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY, PAINTINGS, DANCING, WRITINGS, POETRY,… and so on.

Today I want to start this category with the amazing ELEANOR SEABIRD. She is not “just” a girl way cool and an active singer/songwriter besides her love for sweet MUSEiiiC, you can find creative works of her as well in those fields of Finest Arts:

  • writings on WordPress (she keeps an eye open for all kind of edgy topics – very entertaining blog),
  • a director of short films (actually YouTube channel ELEAVISION called ELEANOR GOES),
  • a FASHIONista (works together on costumes and art with the wonderful BLONDINE BARDEAU, in general I would say that Eleanor has a great talent in extra-ordinary styling and is hooked up for all fashion on the cutting-edge, a real FASHIONista),
  • a thinking man’s sex symbol” (or “a thinking man’s Lolita” she titled herself),
  • an Ambassador of Old Telephones (she feels responsible to save old telephones),
  • to be continued… there are LOADS of things more about her. ELEANOR has a great creative source. You better watch out and STAY TUNED!

WHERE DO CREATIVE SOULS – LIKE WE ARE – DO ACTUALLY MEET EACH OTHER? Oh, that’s a rough question… Well, I can hardly remember on which date I actually first met ELEANOR SEABIRD but I remember it was this year on the internet (how classy), the sun was shining (inside my kitchen window) and even though later it started to rain (of course when I had to go by bike) her music brightened up my whole day like a beautiful supernova whilest having her catchy, very refreshing, edgy tunes up on my mind.

That was one of those days that MUSEiiiC makes your day… one of those days you knew at first sight that you have found a treasure in your music box! No, I am not a treasure-hunter, not at all, it is more that I found treasures by incident but of course you have to keep an eye open to find a treasure. For those who are interested in: “How To Search Things” I highly recommend watching Pippi Longstocking that girl is way cool and she knows how to find great treasures. I would call her the “Master of Treasure-Finding” .

So among all the seashells around, this day I found a treasure, a pearlELEANOR SEABIRD… she is called. The Reason Why I entitled her “a newborn Duchess of MUSEiiiC” at 1st sight is quiet easy. Because her tunes mean a lot to me, hooked me up at once and she is herself a royal appearance, I would say. Her catchy, very refreshing, edgy tunes transport so much “joie de vivre” (joy of life for the non-French speakers) that made my day. THIS IS IT!

To me ELEANOR SEABIRD is an artistic appearance, a work of art itself. Absolutely authentic, with loads of charisma and bearing with such pride that HEAVY CROSS all Trendsetters have to bear (It’s such a shame, I know myself so well.). ELEANOR is a pioneer who is to me marking a New Age of Finest Arts. The general impression of her might be “Contemporary Art with a quirky influence” but I dislike comparing things to each other. So, I would call it quiet simply: THE INCREDIBLE N*EW and YES, unsurprisingly, me I am keen on incredible things. (How comes, how comes…)

ELEANOR SEABIRD: A question of taste! That’s what she is, for sure. But that’s the way it goes with all kind of Finest Arts, isn’t it? Love it or hate it, there is nothing in between. For all those brave hearts far away from the mainstream who DARE TO THE DIVE into THE INCREDIBLE N*EW things: click the links below and give her tunes a listen, read her WordPress blog, watch ELEAVISION on Youtube, stay tuned for more. ELEANOR SEABIRD IS SO WORTH IT! Trust me and try it out for THE THRILL OF NOVELTY. Are you ready? Are you sure? If so click below. Here we go:

One very last thing to be stroke out is her very first EP launch which took place on 1st of December 2009 in the wicked pub called LIBRARY in London. For the very brave hearts among you around LDN town, she is playing live shows. But be warned her live shows are nothing for self-titled ordinary people… for those who attend: get on a fancy dress and your dancing shoes. That’s way cool! Everybody is welcome.

ELEANOR SEABIRD and THE INCREDIBLE N* – we both live a LiFe LeSs OrDiNaRy every single day of our lives and YES, we are proud of it. Always on the cutting edge that’s our passion! Watch out her myspace – for more gigs coming up pretty soon, but definitely before June. ;)


Speak soon. STAY TUNED! N* xo xo



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