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L for… Life, Love, Lava, LOADS!

L for…L ife,
L ove,
L ava,
Cheerio to y’all!
It’s been a while…
well, honestly a long long while
or in other words last decade of the millennium that’s almost Light Years ago,
from the time I have blogged the last time for THE INCREDIBLE N*™.


But anyways here we are BACK HOME here on WordPress and of course myspace – our official home-base.

As it has been so long now and LOADS of Incredible Things have happened to us.
I really  do not have a clue where I should start today…
What happened in our LIFE
SCARLET  FEVER. Done. Survived!
“LIGHT” PNEUNOMIA. Done. Survived!
ACOUNTS HACKED. Defended. Survived!
STUPID QUESTIONS. Answered. Survived!
CATCHING  A  LITTLE TAN. Done. In progress!
CONCLUSION: Life is unpredictable.
Our LOVE for the project is stronger than ever. WE DO BELIEVE IN CHANGE. And hope so do you…
L for LAVA. We are really touched by the striking back of nature. To those of you who are not so much up-to-date with politics, there was a Climate Conference in CPH last December where the Nations did not really come to an conclusion how to save our planet earth. Now reflect what has happened since then. Europe has been into a strong winter full of snow, blizzards and other curious things. California has had a little earthquake of 7.2 in the epicentre. Not to forget what happened in Haiti amongst a few other nature violence outbreaks in Brasil and last but not least Iceland.  A volcano stopped the whole flight traffic over Europe for days and weather forecast out predicted not  any change of circumstances… In the end it all follows just one rule:  Nature strikes back, always! Nature might not have a voice in the Climate Conference or each States Politics but Nature is the greatest power we have here on Earth.
In a situation like this at first sight it seems so ridiculous that just a Black Lava Cloud from almost for gotten Iceland could bring the whole flight traffic over Europe to a standstill but that’s Nature’s power. Nature is showing us how small mankind is even though we think that our self-invented technology tools might overcome every crisis. We cannot fly. Aero planes are unnatural. Nature might not have a voice in the Climate Conference but it has its choice. And we do not have a choice we got to deal with the situation like it is.
To all of you who were stuck on airports or wherever. This could be your song a piece of CONTEMPORARY REAL TIME MUSIC by Alex from  SoundCloud.
CONCLUSION: Life is unpredictable.
Take it as it comes. It offers you LOADS. :)Speak soon. STAY TUNED!

N* xo xo
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Emergency on Planet Earth
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