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M for … MUSEiiic, Millennium, MEDIA, More!

M for … MUSEiiic, Millennium, MEDIA, More!
G’ day readers,
Hope y’all spent a lovely BELTAINE week-end and you have celebrated welcoming the summer with arms wide open.
So herewith our official greetings to all of you:
Lá Fheile BEALTAINE sona dhuit. Happy BELTAINE! Joyeux BEALTAINE!
We want to start this week with a dive into Music, Millennium, Media and More!
DARE TO THE DIVE! Are you ready? Are you sure? If so, here we go:
MUSEiiic… Music is our inspiration. We are more influenced by sound than by vision. This is why we often write it MUSEiiic just in order to point out its deeper meaning because Music comes from MUSE like being aMUSEd. That’s The Reason Why. No more, no less.
Maybe you remember that ABBA once sung “Who can live without it?” Tricky question, eh? Well, mankind can’t live without Water but can live without Music. Probably but we feel totally incomplete without some sound around. MUSEiiic makes my day!
Music is the salt in our soup. Without Music life tastes like nothing to us. What about you? Ever thought about?
The 1st decade of the Millennium we spent most of our time here on Myspace exploring new music. We found several highly-talented musicians from different genres who had all a greater influence on us than they could ever imagine. The diversity and variety in this Music Treasure Box called Myspace inspires us day by day. Travelling without Moving in another dimension. Great! Unfortunately it was exactly this variety who tempted us to add almost everyone and everything that sounds a bit THE INCREDIBLE N*ew. Now in the first spring time of the 2nd decade of the Millennium it was more than time for a big clean-up, our very first space lifting. Yes, guilty. We invented Space Lifting! It means that we deleted over 50 elder contacts in order to lift space for 50 new contacts. For those who are new in our circle: A warm welcome to all of you! To all who are out now: Sorry folks, we have not found a deeper connection with you/your tunes/your styles at the moment. For this season your music is just not our cup of tea. But feel free to apply for a reconnection next season around end of August and don’t miss to add RECONNECTION accompanied by a few nice words along with your friend’s request. Spam Attacks will be deleted without comment. In order to concentrate on our SYMs (Selected Young Musicians) we operate with closed doors. BANDspotting will continue and be back soonest with savage tunes.
Last but not least we want to talk about MEDIA. We have been wandering through the lush Media Landscape for ages, assimilating well known Media Channels as well as being involved in the process of creating New Media platforms describes one side of us best. Media was our first love and it will be our last. We are communicators flesh and bones. We understand the lush variety of Multi Media not just as another option to communicate we understand it as a development of human communications. Therefore it is our mission to keep ourselves up-to-date and inform you from time to time about the latest news of THE INCREDIBLE N*ew Media via SITEspotting.
One treasure found in the 1st decade of the millennium is definitely SoundCloud. We fly SoundCloud. Not just another music site it is such a great tool in order to spread the word about audio data whiles embedding it directly into sites such as WordPress, Facebook, amongst other popular sites. Drop Box is another great invention. Watch out our Facebook Page and feel free to drop us a song.
And as some flights are cancelled for today due to another Volcano Black Lava Cloud from Iceland we feel like sharing this song with you one more time: “The Icelandic Volcano No Flight (At All) Blues” by Alex from SoundCloud.
MORE… And more and more about THE INCREDIBLE N* coming up soon.
Speak soon. STAY TUNED!
N* xo xo
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