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P for… Poetry, Pictures, People and PREVIEW!

Dear readers,

Hope y’all spent a lovely week-end and had a god start into a new week, one week closer to the summer. By the way, do you have already gotten your summer styles together? Have you any fancy new styles given a try yet? No? Okay the weather is just almost summer-like at the moment but the real big summer is just lurking around the corner. You better be prepared for the big sunshine break-out in due time with fancy new styles. Go ahead and try something just for The Thrill of Novelty. You will feel more summer like, unbelievable summer like. WE DO!

What’s on? Let’s take a dive into Poetry, Pictures, People and PREVIEW!

DARE TO THE DIVE! Are you ready? Are you sure? If so, here we go:

POETRY, isn’t it a lovely word?! WE LOVE POETRY! Well, as mentioned earlier, Music is our inspiration. We are more influenced by sound than by vision and we are communicators flesh and bones. But when it comes to our own arty personality we actually prefer to express ourselves best with words, with writings. Besides the classical rhymes of poetry and sonnets, we are totally in love with HAIKU and RENGA poetry and as well with the performing arts of Poetry Slam, creating our own new buzz style so far called:

CONTEMPORARY ROCKING POETRY (CRP) where words appear in a special arrangement and rhyme scheme that comes along like a smashing rock song you cannot stop to listen whiles once started to play and even you did the lyrics go straight up your head and will remain on your mind. Just extremely good over floating word vibes! Are you curious about CRP?

Examples of our work will be published in the near future. Quiet not sure whether we publish via Print and Audio or just Audio, but anyhow: The suspense should be killing you! Of course our so called Incredible Inner Circle has already grasped a taste of our latest works and some pieces of work are dedicated to some very special members of The Incredible Inner Circle but our Poems are still in progress and at the moment not ready to be published. We kindly ask the Public People for a little bit of Patience for the Poetry.

How long does it take? How long does it take to write a Poem? Lame question! As long as it takes, as long as it takes, as long as it takes to produce a piece of Finest Arts. This circumstance never changes, there is always an undefined dependence between Time and the Finest Arts. Always has been, always is and always will be!

PICTURES means for us in general any visual thing you find in Graphic Designs and Paintings as well as in Film & Photography influence us as well even though the sound influence is bigger. Round about 120,000 visual attractions irritate a Western European per day. Who says he/she is not influenced in any way is a liar. So beneath our concentration on SYMs (Selected Young Musician) and SYDs (Selected Young Designer in the fields of Fashion, Shoes & Accessories plus Graphic Designs) we spot as well SYPs (Selected Young Photographer/Painter) and SYFs (Selected Young Film-Maker/-Producer/…). Kindly note that ALL AREAS are operating with closed doors at the moment in the categories of BANDspotting, BRANDspotting, SITEspotting will continue and be back soonest plus new categories such as ARTISTspotting will complete the showcase. Happy entertainment!

PEOPLE… Last but not least we want to talk about PEOPLE. We have met a lot of people over the years. We have made so many new contacts over the last months. Some became friends and other contacts were deleted due to several causes. Nevertheless we are happy to get to know EVERYBODY. Humans are such great creatures, they are so different in so many ways inside and outside and so equal in another way inside and outside. WE LOVE DISCOVERING THE HUMAN DIVERSITY! Therefore it is our Mission to BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER. People from different backgrounds but with the same Causes and Beliefs in Change, people that live THE INCREDIBLE N*ew.

PREVIEW… WE DO BELIEVE IN CHANGE, ALWAYS! This means that our plans are changing as well, but in business Planners take the leadership and call it re-scheduled plan. It means not the plans were changing our mission but we were changing the plans into our mission. However, so we re-scheduled our plans several times but we are making big steps forward anyways. All we can announce at the moment is that we are actually working on building up and strengthen THE INCREDIBLE N* Crew in the fields such as MUSIC, FASHION, FILM and PHOTOGRAPHY. More will be coming up in due time.

We want to share our “Incredible Favourite Song Of The Day” with you:


Speak soon. STAY TUNED!

N* xo xo

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