Posted by: NCRDBLs™ | June 17, 2013

Busy Bee [Poetry]

Today in the park sat down with me
A beautiful bright yellow, coal black striped little bee
Up and down, up and down
The bee was on my papers around
Followed me writings line

Busy, busy we are all the time!

Been thinking of you…
Are you still mine?
Am I still yours?
Is our Love true?
Oh, I always see both sides open doors!
From a distance “can you feel my heartbeat”?
“Oooooh, sexy boy” when will we have our personal Meet & Greet?

Busy, busy we are all the time!

“I feel your words in my button holes” & under my skin.
Adore your sexy neck and so much more “I want to kiss that gorgeous grin”.

How long until you will come… “come on and sting me”?
Meanwhile I will be sitting in the park with that real little bee.

Are we meant for each other or not?

Busy bee
And me
Both part of our own true blue love story.

Busy, busy we are all the time!
When will I be yours? And when will you be mine?

[ … ] – Open End –

copyright 2013

* written by #NCRDBLs “Nanou Cousto”

Playlist MUSIC

  1. * Nneka “Heartbeat”
  2. * AIR “Sexy Boy”
  3. * Lisa Hannigan “Ocean And Rock”
  4. * Wallis Bird “When We Kissed, The World Fell In Love”
  5. * Gloria Gaynor “Honey Bee”


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