Posted by: NCRDBLs™ | June 28, 2013

Sinful Sensuality [Poetry]

Pack pants, fresh underpants!
Dedicated to my beloved Busy Bee
But beware, it’s a bit more intimate than just holding hands.

The Night we met some years ago
I knew at once that you’re the only one for me
Just some days I wish that you’d not become such a Busy Bee
Well, we gotta take time but what I had on my mind at first sight
You’ve always been wondering all the years, right?
Today I will tell you so…

Mmmh! What a handsome young man, hello!
AH! What a gorgeous smile and these sparks in his eyes.
Oooh! He still looks at me. PRETTY FACE, don’t go!
Woha! He makes me quiet feel but can’t tell him, this wouldn’t be wise
At least not at our very first night,
But I will keep all this on my mind.

Take me home
And lay me down
It is time for your crown jewels to be shown
I’LL BE WAITING here for you, all alone.

Mmmh! You look so pretty by my side.
C’mon, sexy beast, catch me up for a ride!
Oh, man! And your sinful sensuality
Gives me the hots and goosebumps, HONEY BEE!

Man? Are you already getting wet?
That’s how: “The cream felt when getting the cat!”

Gosh! The people already stare at us, we have to say good-bye.
A trip with you to the  SEA OF LOVE – how could I deny?

[ … ] – Open End –

copyright 2013

* written by #NCRDBLs “Nanou Cousto”


Playlist MUSIC

  1. * Linnea Olsson “Ah!”
  2. * Soley “Pretty Face”
  3. * Terra Naomi “I’ll Be Waiting”
  4. * Gloria Gaynor “Honey Bee”
  5. * Binko Swink “Sea Of Love”


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